Light It Up Blue

Give to help with the cause!!  Every little bit counts!!

Since April is Autism Awareness month, I created this web page to gather donations not only for some of Quame's expenses as far as getting help with Respite Care, so I can have some help with him while running errands, etc.  Also, for his on going need for medication.  As well as gather donations to help in the Research for Autism.  1 in 90 children are diagnosed with this disorder.  Since this is a spectrum disorder a child could range from Mild to Severely Autistic. As for my son in some cases he is severly autistic.  He will never be able to live independently.  Sometimes, I feel as though he hate being the way he is because he try to control his behavior but at the same time he can't help it.  Please read the About Us section so you can have a better understanding about who Quame is and maybe you'll find it in your heart to give what you can.